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StonerC, Feb 3, 13 5:12 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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About The Brotherhood of Deception
This Guild is a Heavy PVP, PVE, and Roleplaying Guild! We were created by Talvan on 2/1/13! We are only looking for dedicated members, We Understand you have a life, so as long as whenever you do get on u participate then that will be ok! We Support each other and respect each other. To rank up in the guild you must Participate in the Guild. This Guild is also a social guild, so don't be afraid to say "Hi" on the guild chat! Now Lets Kick Some ASS!


*If you have an ALT that you would like to add to the guild just send me the name through in-game mail and I will write it down so I can make your alt have the rank of your original charetor in this guild. This is also so that i know that you are online with one of your ALT's*

ACOLYTE: "We sense that you will be a powerful and key member one day!"
Those with this rank are not full members in the guild! To rank up they must prove themselves by participating in the guild!

APPRENTICE: "Your Power is Growing, but you still have much to learn."
This is the Lowest Full Member Rank. These members are very important to the guild! They make up the bulk. If you are an apprentice and need help with a Flashpoint, Quest, or just have Quetions about your class ask a Sith Master in the guild chat! To rank up past APPRENTICE You Must Participate in the guild and be past level 26!

SITH MASTER: "You have Proven yourself among those who have failed, you have succeeded, and you shall train our weak so that someday they will be as strong as you."
 A member with this rank is over level 27 and have helped this guild out greatly! They help APPRENTICES Level Up, and Succeed In The Guild. To go past this rank you must be past Level 45 and have showed your dedication to the Guild Greatly!

SITH LORD: "The Power within you is furious, you are worthy of this title, and now you command the masters and help accomplish the Lord of the Sith's goals, and the goals of this growing Empire!"
 This is a very high, and respected rank! Members who have achieved this status are to be the most honored members! Because of them This Guild Has and Will continue to succeed! To rank up Past this rank You must be past Level 48 and a spot on the Dark Council Must Open. Also you must be voted into the Dark Council by the Guild Members!

Dark Council: "Welcome to the chosen few, who have the strength, and dedication to complete the goals of this Empire, you answer only to the Lord of the Sith!"
 This is the highest rank any Member can go. These Members have showed extreame dedication and made this Guild what it is today! They show up to the Dark Council Meetings, and Discuss the Future of this Guild! They also Vote on new ideas.

Lord of the Sith: "Follow me, and together we shall destroy the Republic!"
This is the Guildmaster's rank. Talvan which is my in game charetor's name, and OfficerC which is my user name on this site is the only member who can have this rank. I will also continue to you all, that I am the one who still deserves this Rank!

Lord of the Sith ALT: I have added this rank because no one can be promoted to this rank, but this is so u know I am online with one of my ALT's

If your level meets the requirements for a higher rank than you have message me on here my user is StonerC, or talk to me in game my name is Talvan!

Either way no matter what rank you are, every member is important! Thank you to everyone for making The Brotherhood of Deception what it is today!
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